Date:November 01-03 (Tuesday~Thursday)
Venue: Poly World Trade Expo Center,Guangzhou
Traffic: 196869Visits                    Counting Down: -721 Days
Marketing Opportunities
1.《会刊》是展览会的永久纪念,也是专业买家的采购手册和指南,充分利用展览会1万册《会刊》的长期宣传作用,投放广告,将会起到良好的效果。 1.Expo Directory is a permanent commemoration of Expo as well as a purchase manual and guide for professional buyers. We suggest you take full advantage of the long-term advocacy role of the 10,000 exhibition directories to enlarge your business. 2.胸牌,气球,条幅广告充气拱门、广告牌、电视墙等 2.Badge,balloon lifted off, banner, inflatable arches, billboards, TV wall.etc 您的展台是固定的,但是展会现场的宣传可以使您摆脱展台面积的限制,让1万多名观众在进入展馆前就能感受到您的企业形象! Your booth is fixed, but the publicity of the exhibition site allows you to get rid of the restrictions. Let more than 10,000 visitors be able to recognize your unique image before entering the exhibition hall!

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