Date:November 01-03 (Tuesday~Thursday)
Venue: Poly World Trade Expo Center,Guangzhou
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Why We Choose 2014 Guangzhou Fastener Expo?

From:fastener expo guangzhou         Author:Sherry          PostDate:2014-07-28
First of the all, the regional advantage:
        Guangzhou is the third largest city in China and the capital of Guangdong Province, southern China's largest city and key transportation hub and trading port, located on the Pearl River which is navigable to the South China Sea. It is also the largest province of fastener consummation. In the meantime the fastener and hardware industries have maintained their advantage there by gathering together. In such a critical period of industrial restructuring, Guangzhou Fastener Expo is undoubtedly to be a new favorite of the fastener related professionals who are in hunting of studying and buying new products.
Secondly, the concurrent activities which make the expo a significant milestone for the fastener world:
The 10th anniversary of
years ago, started his journal in the fastener world with an ambition to build its own empire. Year in and year out it became one of the most influential websites in fastener world and towered most of its competitors.
years later, we on behalf of prepare a grand banquet here for our dearest friends who have supported us during these hard times. It is more than just a banquet but also a meaningful gathering for all fastener enterprises and professionals. Here we provide you our friends the most amazing meeting to expand your business and enlarge your connections. Here we offer you the precious opportunities to conquer and to win!
The 27th National Economic and Technology Fastener Trade Fair
National Economic and Technology Fastener Trade Fair is a regular session hold by the China General Machine Components Industry Association (CMCA). Founded in 1989, China General Machine Components Industry Association (CMCA) is a registered national industrial organization having the social entity as a legal person with the approval from the Ministry of Civil Affairs. It is voluntarily formed by the manufacturers, research institutes and related associations in the fasteners, gears, chains transmission, springs, powder metallurgy, and couplings industry. After its 26th session in Shanghai the 27th session is going to be hold in Guangzhou. This year the theme of the session is also focuses on the relationship between fastener industry development and economy.
The organizer sincerely invites all the enterprises and institutes in the line of fasteners as well as friends who are interested in fasteners to come and enjoy this grand meeting!

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