Date:November 01-03 (Tuesday~Thursday)
Venue: Poly World Trade Expo Center,Guangzhou
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Are You Ready for the Exhibition Season?

From:fastener expo guangzhou         Author:Sherry          PostDate:2014-08-08
As we all know that the world famous China Import and Export Fair also known as the Canton Fair is going to start, lasting from 15th Dec to 11th Nov,2014.
The first period is from 15 to 19 in December 2014.
Exhibiting range: Machines and Equipments, Auto parts, Chemical products, Hardware, Tools, Transportations, Construction Machinery, Household appliances, Electronic consumables, Construction and decoration materials, Imports products,etc.
The second period is from 23 to 27 Dec 2014.
Exhibiting range:Kitchen accessories, Ceramics, Home Furnishing decorations, Glass crafts, Furniture,  Garden products, Personal care appliances, Toys,  Local products, etc.
The third period 31st Dec to 11th Nov, 2014
Exhibiting range:  Children and adults’ clothes,  Fur and leather, Clothing  accessories, Home textiles, textile materials and fabrics,  tapestries, food, Medicines, Medical equipment, office stationery, shoes, bags, etc.

But that is not the whole story; you still have to prepare for the “fourth period” there from 24th to 26th –The Fastener Expo Guangzhou, the most influential and fantastic exhibition for fastener in Southern China. One of the most thrilling things is that there will be a professional meeting of all these fastener and industrial enterprises. Before the fruitful visiting get yourself relaxed for a while and enjoy your time here with these successful entrepreneurs, go back with a bunch of business orders. A happy ending for everyone! So don’t miss your chance to kill two birds with one stone!
Time is pressing now, time for you to pack up and get ready for the long staying in Pearl River Delta. Make sure that you won’t miss these exhibitions, as it happens only once in a blue moon.

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