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Fastener Associations You Should Know

From:Fastener Expo Guangzhou         Author:sherry          PostDate:2014-08-08
The following associations are Associations from China or China region.For more associations please contact:Sherry Email Call:8621 50103664
1.  China General Machine Components Industry Association(CMCA)
Founded in 1989,China General Machine Components Industry Association (CMCA) is a registered national industrial organization having the social entity as a legal person with the approval from the Ministry of Civil Affairs.
2.  National Technical Committee of Fasteners 
The National Technical Committee of Fasteners was ratified by Standardization Administration of the People's Republic of China (SAC) and was established under the supervision of China Machinery Industry Federation. Website:
3. Taiwan Industrial Fastener Institute
台湾区螺丝工业同业公会   Seeing the fast growth of fastener industry Chun Yu, Yung-Feng, Jta Yih, Sanshing, Lu Chu Shin Yee, Kwo-Feng, Universal and Chu Nan together proposed to establish Taiwan Industrial Fastener Institute (TIFI) in 1969
4. Hong Kong Screw and Fastener Council
The Hong Kong Screw & Fastener Council was founded in 2003 with the objectives to safeguard the interests of the screw and fastener industries in Hong Kong and to strengthen the co-operation within the industry. It is the first industrial council established under the auspices of the Chinese Manufacturers’ Association of Hong Kong (CMA). 
5. GuangDong Province Fastener Association
GuangDong Province Fastener Association is the only provincial Association in China fastener world. The members include: Enterprises of fastener Machine, Mould, Heat treatment, Surface treatment and Material suppliers, etc.
6. Zhejiang Fastener Industry Association
Zhejiang Fastener Industry Association is an association established by the non-profit corporations of fastener manufacturers and the industrial enterprises from Zhejiang Province in August 29, 2009.
7. Ningbo Fastener Association
Ningbo Fastener Association is an association ratified by Ningbo Civil Affairs Bureau and under the supervision of Economic Committee.
8. Jiaxing Fastener Import & Export Enterprises Association
Jiaxing Fastener Import and Export Enterprises Association was established by five famous fastener enterprises (Gem Year Industrial, Tong Ming Enterprise, Haiyan Yuxing Nuts Co.,Ltd, Jiaxing Brother Standard Co.,Ltd, Zhejiang Zhapu Industrial Co.,Ltd )
9. Haiyan Fastener Enterprise Association 
10. Yongnian Standard Fastener Association
11. Anhui Province Fastener Association 
Founded in August 8, 2014 it now has more than one hundred members, a local distribution and the bound between enterprises and the government.
12. Shanghai Fastener Association 
Established in Nov 29,2012 and the opening ceremony was holding in Shanghai Huating. With 26 enterprises elected to be the governing units and to be the official media.
13. Wenzhou Ouhai Fastener Association
It was established in January 6,2006 and Wuzhaowei elected to the first chairman. It now has 171 members.
14.Pinghu Fastener & Hardware Association
Established in July 3, 2011 it was consisted of fastener enterprises and non-profit enterprises at the No. of 65 members.
15. Shengzhen Stainless Fastener Association 

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