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The First Anniversary of Shanghai Pilot Free Trade Zone

From:fastener expo guangzhou         Author:Sherry          PostDate:2014-10-08
        September 29, 2014, 10 am witnesses the official opening of Shanghai Free Trade Zone, a designated area of almost 30 square kilometers in China’s financial hub nearly 226th one of Shanghai.
        The reason why Shanghai has been selected as the city for Free Trade Zone should attribute to its unique advantages as the finance, transportation and economic center.         The establishment of Free Trade Area is as significant as the reform and opening up policy implemented in China 30 years ago.
        Free Trade Zone is founded to deepen the reform and opening up policy in such field like finance, commerce, trade and cultural service, ect.
        Taking finance for instance, Shanghai International Gold Trade Center is officially opening up and running business, while Shanghai international energy will launch its first product “crude futures” this year. Yet the government will approve more spot markets for bulk commodities..
        The "negative list" published by the Administrative commission every year is also one of the achievements of this reform.
        Surely, enterprises are expecting more for FTZ!
        This business opportunity of joining FTZ has been sensed by Fastener enterprises which include:
Penn Engineering & Manufacturing Corp
Shanghai Shengguang High Tensile Bolts Co.,Ltd.
Wuerth( Shanghai) Hardware Tools Co.,Ltd.
Spirol International Engineered Fastener Trading Co Ltd.
Arvidnilsson Industry Fasteners Co.,Ltd.
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