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The most breathtaking views nearby the Exhibiting center in Guangzhou

From:Fastener Expo Guangzhou         Author:Sherry          PostDate:2015-08-06
Fastener Expo Guangzhou will be held in November 2015 and here are some tips to make your business trip more enjoyable. Go for sightseeing! So the Organizer of Fastener Expo Guangzhou has selected some places that worth visiting in Guangzhou.
1、Chimelong Xiangjiang Safari Park
The Chimelong Safari Park is always on the top of Guangzhou’s most worth visiting place. It is well-organized and easy to get to by metro and then free buses are provided.
There were lots of explanations happening about animal diets, health etc. The place is such a Great collection of animals with lots of white tiger, Pandas and koalas. The greatest attraction is the world famous pandas and white tiger feeding show.

2、Chang Long International Circus

The Circus is in a permanent theater allowing extensive use of fantastic audio-visual techniques along with a huge variety of animals. Not to be missed if you have an evening free. It will take you back to your childhood.
The human performers there have amazing nimble skill and talent.

3、Canton Tower
The Canton Tower 450-meter-high (1476-feet high), is also known as Guangzhou TV & Sightseeing Tower. The landmark of Guangzhou, it’s truly a spectacular building. The Canton Tower is a great way to get a visual of the entire city and Pearl River. There are multiples floors and no shortage of things to do when you reach the top of the tower. One of the highlights is the bubble tram which is the world's highest tram. Ride the Metro and it stops right under the Tower. It is a must-see on your trip to Guangzhou. Make sure to visit at night while the tower is all lit up.

4、Guangzhou Library

It closes to Canton Tower. Guangzhou library has lots of international magazines available. From French home deco ones to Italian fashion. You can find the most common ones, like Cosmopolitan or Elle but also some more obscure ones. You'll find them on the 8th floor, to your left as you exit the elevator, next to book shelves.
They even have Assassin's Creed Book Series! Don't miss this place if you're a foreigner in Guangzhou. The architecture is interesting and they often have some kind of event or exhibit in the basement level.

5、White Cloud Mountain
It is definitely a good place for everyone who wants to enjoy the beauty of nature. It is very fresh, clean, green and perfect for one day holiday with family. There are some delicious which made from the water in the mountain. This is the flip side to the bustling city where you get to enjoy beautiful greenery and Mountain View which is very refreshing. But be prepared to do a lot of walking and to spend time to visit the interesting sites there. An itinerary is needed before you go there. So you can help yourself even the staff there don’t speak English.

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