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With Global View, focusing Southern China and Southeast Asian Markets Fastener Expo Guangzhou 2016—Finished Products of Fasteners

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Fastener Expo Guangzhou 2016, which is jointly hosted by ITE Asia Exhibitions Limited and Shanghai ITE Ebseek Exhibition Co., Ltd as well as supported by and as the official media, is going to be held at the Poly World Trade Center Expo from November 1 to 3, 2016.

While focusing on the Southern China industry characteristic of "high precision",this expo exerts its major efforts on promoting high-quality small-sized fasteners and other related products and mainly exhibits all kinds of leading fastener products as well as mechanical equipment, materials and the latest solutions for fastener production. Under the background of speeding up the further push of the supply-side reform in China, the expo will rely on precision technology, advanced materials, environmental technology and other core principles to actively serve the industrial upgrading and transformation of the building materials, furniture, electronic appliances, machinery manufacturing, medical and other industries.

Below are some exhibited finished fastener products from some exhibitors:

Suzhou GPYH Network Technology Co., Ltd.     Booth No.B308

GPYH takes the bolts that boast "the rice of the industry" as its entry, integrates the supply chain through method of Internet and get through the information flow that includes product selection, order management, production and processing, storage and inventory and other links so as to greatly enhance the operational efficiency and customer experience of the entire ecological chain.

Wenzhou Leo Fastener Co., Ltd.Booth No.B623

An industrial unit specializes in producing: copper, iron, aluminum, alloy aluminum, stainless steel, stainless iron and other materials, and the dual assembly, semi-tubular, solid, hollow, tubular, blind and other rivets series as well as other non-standard fasteners products.With featured products of the stainless steel tubular rivets in particular.

Wenzhou Taihe Fasteners Co., Ltd.     Booth No.A348

The major products are nuts made from the materials of carbon steel, stainless steel and aluminum.It can output thousands of products of several ten thousand specifications such as flat head with vertical stripes, flat head with smooth body, hex flat head, small head with vertical stripes, small head with smooth body, small hex head, small head internal and external hexagon, etc.

Ningbo Kingli Fastener Co., Ltd.     Booth No.B718

Specialized in manufacturing various standards of hex nuts, square nuts, heavy and high strength nuts, shaped nuts as well as various standards of bolts.These products can be widely applied in oil pipeline engineering, chemical industry, construction and various kinds of machinery.

RIVET Precision Hardware Manufacturing Co., Ltd.     Booth No.B823

Its main products include open end blind rivets, closed end (waterproof type) blind rivets, multi-grip blind rivets, anlock type blind rivets, lantern blind rivets, steel structural blind rivets, large flange blind rivets, color blind rivets, ring groove rivets, peel (flowering) blind rivets, speed rivets, insert nuts (blind nuts), self-clinching nuts and many more, with materials of aluminum, copper, steel, stainless steel, etc.

Qingdao Fu Sheng Tai Metal Products Co., Ltd.     Booth No.B819

Specialized in manufacturing forging products (riggings, lifting eye bolts and nuts, stainless steel forging parts, steel rail parts, electric power parts, wrought iron fittings, ship parts and various kinds of machinery forgings), metal stamping parts, forging parts (high strength mechanical parts), with product materials of stainless steel 304 and 316, carbon steel, alloy steel and many more, and it can simultaneously make hardware mechanical processing.

Dongguan Zhanshen Hardware Co., Ltd.     Booth No.B340

Specialized in manufacturing machine nails, non-standard screws, rivets, insert nuts, spanners, washers and other special hardware made from various materials in GB, ANSI, DIN, JIS and other standards or non-standards.

Sailuk Rivet Co., Ltd.     Booth No.B603

Major products include open end rivets, peel type rivets, closed end rivets, single-grip rivets, drawbench rivet, hem fix rivets, grooved type rivets, etc.These products are widely applied in aviation, shipping, automobiles, machinery, furniture, household appliances, liquor packaging and other various industries.

As an industry-guiding important platform, the Expo has attracted many well-known manufacturers. Some fastener brand exhibitors are as follows: Shenzhen De Tai Sheng Long, Guangzhou Fast, Dongguan Aoyi, Dongguan Chuntian, Jixi Xili, Foshan Guangqingchang, ZhongshanTaiming, Hebei Yinan, Shenzhen Shixiang, Ningbo Ningli, YuyaoXintai, FenghuaXiefu, Jiangsu Haomai, Wenzhou Guangquan, XinghuaZheteng, Zhejiang CWN, Ningbo Anchor, etc.Some of equipment, die and material exhibitors are as follows: Foshan Wanwei, Shenzhen Wisdomzn, Dongguan Luosi, Dongguan Riko, Dongguan Donglong, Dongguan Jingzhan, Foshan Yuhai, Wenzhou Senmai, Dongguan Lisheng, JiaxingXingxin, TaiwanQiaojia, Hangzhou Xusen, etc.

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